NJC Pay 2021 Update

The NJC Executive met on Wednesday 9 June to discuss the Employers’ offer of a 1.5% pay increase for 2021. UNISON’s negotiating team made it very clear that in the context of our claim, the years of real terms pay cuts and the work done by our members throughout Covid, the 1.5% was an insult. …

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2021/22 NJC Pay Offer

The employers for council workers and school support staff have finally made a pay offer that was due on 1 April 2021. “The National Employers wish to make the following one-year offer: • With effect from 1 April 2021, an increase of 1.50 per cent on all NJC pay points 1 and above • Completion …

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Unions Disagree with Government on face coverings in Schools

Trade unions in schools, including UNISON, have written to all schools and colleges urging them to actively encourage school pupils and staff to continue wearing face coverings in the classrooms and communal areas. This is to protect staff and pupils, particularly given the new variants of COVID. UNISON wants Heads to take a more cautious …

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UNISON Elections to National Executive Council (NEC)

You will shortly be receiving a ballot paper through the post. The ballot paper is to elect representatives to sit on the most senior lay official body of the union. This body has a huge influence of what kind of union UNISON is. We urge all members to take time to vote and elect the …

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Message of Support for UNISON members at SLT

Below is a message of support from Midlands TUC Dear Tony, On behalf of the Trades Union Congress in the Midlands I am writing to send our fraternal greetings, full support and total solidarity to Unison members embarking on strike action to defend national pay, terms and conditions against their employer, Sandwell Leisure Trust. Unison …

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Local Politicians Show their Support for Strike at Sandwell Leisure Trust

Labour MP John Spellar showed his support of the strike by UNISON members at Sandwell Leisure Trust on 30 April. So too did Cllr Bob Piper and Labour Candidate for Bristnall ward, Ellen Fenton. Thanks to all our members who took part in the strike action today against being removed from national agreements through fire …

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Sign the Parliamentary Petition Against Fire and Rehire

Petition Ban fire and rehire employment tactics For far too long, the UK has turned a blind eye to the use of fire and rehire in the workplace. This is when an employer fires a current employee, only to bring them back on worse terms and conditions, all in the name of cost cutting. More …

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Labour MP John Spellar backs UNISON dispute at SLT

Labour MP for Warley, John Spellar, has tweeted and written to the Branch with the following statement. ‘Even Boris called “Fire and Rehire” unacceptable. Everyone in Sandwell must be concerned at moves for this at Sandwell Leisure Trust .Support employees taking action to defend national agreements and terms and conditions. Sandwell MBC need to intervene …

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UNISON Slideshow for 30 April Strike at SLT

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Strike at Sandwell Leisure Trust Friday 30th April

Notice has been submitted to Sandwell Leisure Trust for industrial action by UNISON members. UNISON members working at Sandwell Leisure Trust are taking industrial action on Friday 30th April against their employer for moving away from NJC Pay, terms and conditions. Despite the difficulties during the lockdowns, UNISON members have now voted twice to take …

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