Budget offers nothing for Councils and Carers

Commenting on the Chancellor’s Budget statement today (Wednesday), UNISON general secretary Christina McAnea said: “The chancellor had much to say on how to revive the economy but strangely silent on public services. Workers and services at the heart of the country’s pandemic will be more concerned with what Rishi Sunak – so keen to stress his honest approach – didn’t announce today. There …

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Porter from Heartlands Hospital Dispute to Speak at AGM 4 March

The Annual General Meeting of Sandwell General UNISON Branch takes place on Thursday 4 March at 5:45pm. Speaking at this online meeting will be a speaker from a Porter at Heartlands Hospital, who are fighting the same ‘fire and re-hire’ tactics that UNISON members working for Sandwell Leisure Trust are fighting. How bosses at Heartlands …

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School Members Facebook Meeting Wednesday 24th February

Worried about your school reopening? Do you have questions? Do you want to know UNISON’s latest advice? Following the government’s announcement last night, you can join your colleagues on the UNISON Facebook meeting Wednesday 24th February at 5pm. The link to join is on the Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/events/1916600805138254/

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Latest Guidance for School Staff

The Government announced its ‘road map’ out of lockdown on Monday 22 February, which included schools returning for all pupils from 8 March. Below is a summary of the Governments guidelines. If your school does not follow these get in touch with us immediately. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/963541/Schools_coronavirus_operational_guidance.pdf Here is short summary of the main items: All schools …

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Union Challenge forces Government to back down on Exit Cap

The unions had launched a legal challenge to the Governments introduction of an Exit Payment Cap. The Judicial Review was due to be heard in March. The Exit Cap could have taken £thousands off any staff 55+ who were made redundant, adversely affecting the pension they were due to receive under the Local Government Pension …

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UNISON Members’ Meetings about the COVID Vaccine – 11 Feb

The Birmingham UNISON branch, in conjunction with the West Midlands Black Members SOG, have organised two online meetings about the Covid vaccine to support and encourage Black members to take up the vaccine. We know for very understandable reasons many Black people are nervous and suspicious of the vaccine. This meeting is a chance for …

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A Message to Staff at Sandwell Leisure Trust

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UNISON/NEU letter to Government over Nurseries

Attached below is a letter sent from NEU and UNISON regarding the situation in Nurseries. SecStateUnisonNEUnurseryStaff5Jan2021[43679]  

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Advice for UNISON members in Special Schools

Advice for UNISON members working in special schools and colleges, and alternative education settings – January 2021 Context: With the new variant of the virus shown to being considerably more transmissible than the version prevalent in 2020 the previous risk assessment will no longer be fit for purpose. As a matter of priority, specialist schools …

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Shut Schools until it is Safe – Advice for School Staff and sign the Petition

This advice applies to all primary schools, special schools, SEND and early years settings in England. In UNISON’s view, it is unsafe for you to attend the workplace at present if your school is fully opened to all pupils. Our advice is that you should decide to advise your head teacher or employer that you …

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