Branch Officers

List of Branch Officers for 2020:


Chair                                                          Shiv Dewitt/Shazziah Rock (Joint)

Branch Secretary                                      Tony Barnsley

Assistant Branch Secretary (Education)   Louise Harrisen-Powis

Assistant Branch Secretary (Local Gov)   Ian King

Assistant Branch Secretary (Private Sector)  Ross Perkins

Publicity Officer                                         Ian Middle/Tony Barnsley

Treasurer                                                  Ian Middle

Welfare Officer                                          Ian Middle

Health & Safety Officer                             Ian King

Membership Officer                                  Vacant

Labour Link Officer                                   Tony Barnsley

Equality Officer                                         Shazziah Rock

Young Members Officer                           Vacant

Apprentice Officer                                  Chris Bagley/Richard Bradley

Retired Members Secretary                     Judith Longbottom

International Officer                                  Vacant

Womens Officer                                          Rachael Jacques

Sport & Social Officer                              Craig Rollinson

Education Co-ordinator                            Louise Harrisen-Powis

Branch Auditors                (2)                   Elaine Taylor/Louise Bennett

Regional Officer                                       Louise Foster

Branch Office Manager                            Louise Maisey

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