Branch Officers

List of Branch Officers for 2018/19:


Chair                                                          Shiv Dewitt

Vice Chair                                                  Ian King

Branch Secretary                                      Tony Barnsley

Assistant Branch Secretary (Education)   Louise Harrisen-Powis

Assistant Branch Secretary (Local Gov)   Ian King

Assistant Branch Secretary (Private Sector)  Ross Perkins

Publicity Officer                                         Ian Middle/Tony Barnsley

Treasurer                                                  Ian Middle

Welfare Officer                                          Lilian Eden

Health & Safety Officer                             Andy Withey

Membership Officer                                  Vacant

Labour Link Officer                                   Tony Barnsley

Equality Officer                                         Shazziah Rock

Young Members Officer                           Vacant

Retired Members Secretary                     Tony Farnell

International Officer                                  Vacant

Womens Officer                                       Rachel Allchurch

Sport & Social Officer                              Craig Rollinson

Education Co-ordinator                            Louise Harrisen-Powis

Branch Auditors                (2)                   Elaine Taylor/Louise Bennett

Regional Officer                                       Tracy Wood

Branch Office Manager                            Louise Maisey

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