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Pay Claim for 2020/21

UNISON, GMB and Unite have agreed to jointly claim for the following pay award for 2020/21. The NJC Pay Claim 2020-21 A real living wage of £10 per hour for NJC SCP 1 A 10% increase on all other NJC/GLPC pay points In addition: 1 day increase to the minimum annual leave entitlement 2 hour …

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UNISON Launches Campaign to Celebrate Local Government Workers

UNISON will launch a local services champions day on 17 October. A film illustrating local government’s importance to daily life can be seen here. https://www.unison.org.uk/news/2019/06/unison-launches-campaign-celebrate-local-government-workers/  Council services continue to be cut. Years of austerity have taken their toll, reducing staff numbers and heaping more pressure on those who remain. According to Local Government Association estimates, councils across …

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Celebrate our history made in Cradley Heath – Saturday 6 July

chainmakers flyer2019 Come to the only festival in Europe that celebrates women workers’ winning a strike, that doubled their wages, establishing a minimum wage for the first time in British history. And it takes place in Cradley Heath on Saturday 6 July – The Chainmakers’ Festival 2019. The family friendly festival will this year take …

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Public Sector Exit Payment Cap Update and Response

Government issues new proposals for implementing the £95k cap on exit payments. After a long delay (where many of us hoped this issue had permanently gone away), the Westminster government has published a new consultation on draft regulations that will enact the absolute cap on all exit payments in the Public Sector. The draft regulations …

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Victory to Birmingham Home Carers

Message from UNISON’s Regional Secretary, Ravi Subramanian “The Homecare Workers Won – the Council have withdrawn all of their proposals! Yep, you read that right. After 18 months in dispute (longer than the miners’ dispute in the 80s) the council have decided to take everything off the table. These 200 or so women (and about …

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Victory to CSA’s in their fight for Grade Justice

UNISON and Unite welcome the offer from Senior Management for Customer Service Assistants, the lowest paid staff working in the Neighbourhood Offices, to be paid a better grade. The unions were proud that the 20 UNISON members and 14 Unite members gave a solid 100% vote for action in their fight for grade justice. Matthew …

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New Branch Banner makes first appearances

  Sandwell General UNISON’s new Branch banner made it’s first public appearance  – fittingly at the performance of Rouse, Ye Women at Cradley Heath library on 18 April  – and also at the event marking International Workers’ Memorial Day on Friday 26 April.

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100% Solid 4 CSA Grade Justice

PRESS RELEASE 29 April 2019 Sandwell Council’s Frontline Housing Staff vote 100% for Industrial Action The lowest paid staff working in Sandwell Council’s Local Neighbourhood Offices have voted 100% for industrial action in formal ballots. Members of UNISON and Unite the union who are Customer Service Assistants in the Neighbourhood Offices voted 100% for action. …

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Councillors Back Unions over Sickness Procedures

At our quarterly meeting with Councillors (called the Joint Consultative Panel) the trade unions raised concerns that management were not being allowed to apply any discretion on whether to begin the sickness procedures or not – despite the ability of managers to use discretion being in the Council’s own policy. UNISON simply asked for the …

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