Union Challenge forces Government to back down on Exit Cap

The unions had launched a legal challenge to the Governments introduction of an Exit Payment Cap. The Judicial Review was due to be heard in March. The Exit Cap could have taken £thousands off any staff 55+ who were made redundant, adversely affecting the pension they were due to receive under the Local Government Pension …

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UNISON Members’ Meetings about the COVID Vaccine – 11 Feb

The Birmingham UNISON branch, in conjunction with the West Midlands Black Members SOG, have organised two online meetings about the Covid vaccine to support and encourage Black members to take up the vaccine. We know for very understandable reasons many Black people are nervous and suspicious of the vaccine. This meeting is a chance for …

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A Message to Staff at Sandwell Leisure Trust

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UNISON/NEU letter to Government over Nurseries

Attached below is a letter sent from NEU and UNISON regarding the situation in Nurseries. SecStateUnisonNEUnurseryStaff5Jan2021[43679]  

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Advice for UNISON members in Special Schools

Advice for UNISON members working in special schools and colleges, and alternative education settings – January 2021 Context: With the new variant of the virus shown to being considerably more transmissible than the version prevalent in 2020 the previous risk assessment will no longer be fit for purpose. As a matter of priority, specialist schools …

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Shut Schools until it is Safe – Advice for School Staff and sign the Petition

This advice applies to all primary schools, special schools, SEND and early years settings in England. In UNISON’s view, it is unsafe for you to attend the workplace at present if your school is fully opened to all pupils. Our advice is that you should decide to advise your head teacher or employer that you …

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Shielding Advice in new Tier System

See the latest advice from the National Joint Council of employers and the trade unions on shielding NJC Circ Coronavirus and shielding in tier system (England) 21Dec20[41979]

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Strike at SLT Called Off

The strike that was due to take place on Friday 18 December has been called off. Members affected have been informed of the reasons. UNISON will name new dates in January.

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Pay Deal Agreed at Sandwell College

UNISON members at Sandwell College have voted 94% to accept a pay offer of 3.1% from 1 August 2020 and a further 1% from 1 August 2021. The 2021 rate potentially increases to 1.25% should student numbers increase by 300. Sandwell College also re-iterated its commitment to observe minimum pay levels in line with the …

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STRIKE at SLT Friday 18 December

Sandwell Leisure Trust has issued dismissal and re-engagement letters to all staff, to remove them from national NJC terms and conditions. Despite being offered extra support from Sandwell Council the Board of SLT have rejected this and chosen to have industrial conflict. Both UNISON and GMB have given notice to SLT of taking strike action …

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