Electricians Vote 100% for Action

Electricians in Sandwell submitted a claim for a re-grade back in April 2018. It took management 18 months to exhaust their own internal procedure that should take no more than two months. After rejecting the claim, Electricians called for an industrial action ballot. Their claim, if successful, would simply put Electricians pay in Sandwell on …

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Sandwell’s Star in Our Schools

Congratulations to everyone nominated this year, but in particular to Ann Roth from Hall Green Primary for being Sandwell’s overall star in our schools. Ann has worked at Hall Green for over 40 years, helping three generations of some families attending the school. Her nominee stated, “She dedicates herself to her role and puts the …

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UNISON’s Survey at Sandwell Children’s Trust Highlights Concerns

Sandwell UNISON’s survey of members working at Sandwell Children’s Trust shows that morale has deteriorated over the last year. 83% of UNISON members responding to the survey said that they had not seen any positive changes since transferring from the Council to the Trust in April 2018. Tony Barnsley, Branch Secretary for Sandwell UNISON added, …

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Sandwell Councillors Refuse to Declare A Climate Emergency

On 11 November, Labour Councillors refused a joint trade union request for them to declare a climate emergency. Tony Barnsley, Branch Secretary for Sandwell General UNISON Branch stated, “It is really disappointing that Labour Councillors in Sandwell are failing to implement what is official Labour Party policy. By not declaring a climate emergency our fear …

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UNISON calls for Sandwell Council to declare climate emergency

Sandwell UNISON is to call upon Sandwell Council to declare a climate emergency and aim to become carbon neutral by 2030. Climate change will have an impact on Sandwell residents and UNISON believes it is important for all our futures that all institutions of government change their policies to limit global warming. Practically Sandwell UNISON …

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Staff Sacrifice Salary and Pension to keep Sandwell School Running

Government cuts on Sandwell schools are impacting upon both staff and children. Pressures to provide a ‘non-deficit’ budget by Educational Leaders in Sandwell have led to one school leadership team to make personal decisions which will significantly disadvantage them financially. In short, they are forfeiting their salary to enable continued effective running of the school. …

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Austerity is Over…Time for a Pay Rise

In clear pre-General Election campaign mode, the Conservative Government has announced the end of austerity and turned the spending taps back on for the public sector, after almost a decade of huge cuts.  This welcome change will be a relief to our struggling NHS, to social care and to our schools that are in financial …

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UNISON Money Talk Newsletter

See the latest newsletter from Lighthouse Financial Advice – a personal finance advice service available to all UNISON members. UNISON MoneyTalk Autumn 2019 Newsletter

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Pay Claim for 2020/21

UNISON, GMB and Unite have agreed to jointly claim for the following pay award for 2020/21. The NJC Pay Claim 2020-21 A real living wage of £10 per hour for NJC SCP 1 A 10% increase on all other NJC/GLPC pay points In addition: 1 day increase to the minimum annual leave entitlement 2 hour …

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UNISON Launches Campaign to Celebrate Local Government Workers

UNISON will launch a local services champions day on 17 October. A film illustrating local government’s importance to daily life can be seen here. https://www.unison.org.uk/news/2019/06/unison-launches-campaign-celebrate-local-government-workers/  Council services continue to be cut. Years of austerity have taken their toll, reducing staff numbers and heaping more pressure on those who remain. According to Local Government Association estimates, councils across …

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