Delays in Accessing your local government pension?

For sometime Sandwell UNISON has been aware that members retiring are waiting unacceptably long times before receiving their local government pension scheme. We have been made aware of some staff waiting 6 months before receiving their pension that they are entitled to.

Sandwell UNISON has raised this through our regional structures, including to UNISON’s representative on the West Midlands Pension Fund Board.

The delays are due to the introduction of a new computer system and we are continually informed things are improving. Unfortunately, the evidence suggests not.

There are three options for anyone experiencing these unacceptable delays to pursue:-

  1. Register a complaint through the internal disputes resolution procedure – see the link Form A IDRP.qxp_Layout 1 ( for the form.
  2. It may also be worth contacting Quilter Financial Advisers – advisers affiliated with UNISON. Contact details are 07778 826 835
  3. Let us know in the Branch and we will push your details to our rep on the Board to see if that speeds any resolution along.

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