2023 NJC Pay Claim Submitted

All three NJC trade unions have agreed a pay claim for 2023 and submitted it to the employers. The claim for 2023 is for RPI inflation plus 2%, based on a Treasury forecast for RPI being 10.7% for the year, meaning the claim is for 12.7% on all pay points.

The RPI rate of inflation for December was 13.4%.

The employers are meeting in February and an offer is expected by the end of February – early March.

Come to our annual general meeting to find out what the offer is and discuss it with your colleagues on whether it is acceptable or not.

The claim also includes other items such as:-

  • An additional day of leave
  • A review of job evaluation outcomes for school staff whose day-to-day work includes working on Special Educational Needs (SEN)
  • A homeworking allowance for staff for whom it is a requirement to work from home.

For full details please see the attached below.

2023 pay claim cover letter Jan 30 NJC Pay Claim 2023

NJC Pay Claim 2023

NJC: Council and school pay 2023 | Campaigns | UNISON National


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