Use your vote for better pay

As prices continue to rise (RPI inflation rate is now 7.1%) and are predicted to rise further, this years pay offer of just 1.75% looks more pathetic as the months go by.

In real terms this is another pay cut on top of the already huge real term losses in pay local government and school workers have suffered since Austerity in 2010.

Staff on the national NJC pay are being balloted for strike action to secure a better deal. Ballot papers went out early December and everyone covered by the NJC should by now have received a ballot paper.

If you have not received yours simply call 0800 0857 857 for a replacement paper before 10 January.

The ballot closes 14 January.

We urge all members to use their vote because unless we meet the government’s 50% turnout threshold the union cannot call any lawful action to win a better pay offer.

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