Children’s Services Hits News

Over 150 staff working in Children’s Social Care signed a UNISON petition to the Government against possible plans to privatise the service.

This petition was sent with a letter from UNISON to the Children’s Minister, Edward Timpson MP.

There is simply no evidence that the private sector, with its main motive of making profits, can do any better. In fact Sandwell’s experience is that the private sector makes it worse.

When the so called private ‘improvement partner’ iMpower came to the Council they had the task of turning an ‘adequate’ service into a ‘good’ service. Three years later iMpower departed Sandwell with the service rated ‘inadequate’ at the cost of £1.5 million!

To see the copy of the UNISON letter sent to the Minister (please see the letter in the earlier Children’s article on this website).

In the meantime UNISON has once again offered to work with management to help improve the service.

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