2023/24 NJC Pay Offer

A full and final NJC pay offer for 2023/24, which covers council workers and school support staff, has been received.

The claim was for RPI inflation plus 2%. The trade unions used the Treasury’s/Government’s own forecast of RPI  inflation for the year being 10.7%, making the claim 12.7%.

RPI inflation for February 2023 was 13.8%.

The offer received is for £1,925 on all pay points up to pay point 43 and thereafter the pay award is just 3.88%. This is based on full time workers. Part time workers will receive a pro rata amount per hours worked.

On all pay points the offer represents a below inflation offer and therefore represents a further pay cut in real terms. This is on top of the 25% loss in real terms pay for council workers and school support staff since 2010. It does nothing to address the recruitment and retention crisis hitting many service areas. (see the attached analysis of the pay offer and what it means for you % wise at the end of this article).

On this basis the national NJC committee for UNISON has decided to move directly to a formal industrial action ballot, which is due to begin in May.  UNISON will co-ordinate with our sister trade unions.

Therefore, it is important for all members to vote in the ballot. If you want to accept the offer then it is important  to vote. Likewise if you want to fight for a better pay offer like so many public sector workers have begun to, then it is also important you use your vote.

By law, ballot papers must be sent to your home and posted back in the envelope provided before the end date of the ballot period. Make sure your union has the correct home address for you so you can take part. We urge all members to vote because unless 50%+1 of all members vote, your union is not in a position to secure a better offer.

Ballots will be conducted on a disaggregated basis meaning each ballot will be with each employer. This makes every vote count in your employer.

See the % impact of the offer on your pay in the attached. If talks today produce any different offer we will let you know.

NJC 2023 pay offer by Sandwell Grades




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