The Wragge Report

The findings in the published Wragge report, together with the QC’s report are truly shocking and must never be allowed to happen again.

It is deeply saddening that Sandwell Council’s name is being tarnished by the actions of a very small number of Councillors and the inaction of those at the top of Sandwell Council that could have prevented them.

UNISON members work tirelessly to provide the best possible services to the residents of Sandwell. Despite losing over a 1,000 jobs and suffering a 20% cut in the real value of our wages, council workers across Sandwell are working harder than ever before to deliver services to the public. The vast majority of councillors also share our commitment to providing services for the public good, which is why the revelations in this report are both deeply shocking and disgraceful.

Should any of our members wish to comment, or have news on matters related to the Wragge report, you can always speak to your union first on 0121 569 5996.

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