Tell the Tories…End Austerity NOW!

Following the referendum vote to leave the EU the Tories have signalled that they need to give the economy a boost. What better way to do that than stopping the cuts to all public services, lifting the public sector pay caps and investing for the future.

Instead of this their measures seem set to be yet further hand outs to the rich. The Tories have not only failed to tackle the Corporate tax dodgers, they are arguing to cut what little tax on profits they pay from an already historic low 20% to 15% of profits declared. They also look set to print more money to hand to the banks.

Instead of handing cash to the banks, who simply keep it for their balance sheets, why not hand it over to our councils to start building much needed council housing? This would provide more affordable housing, provide more jobs and be a better boost to the economy.

Continuing to cut the services we provide simply makes our communities poorer. If the Tories can afford more handouts to the rich they could afford to end the cuts and attacks on all public services.

On Sunday 2nd October we have a perfect opportunity to make this point by joining the national demonstration. Come and march behind the Sandwell UNISON banners.
Assemble 11:30am Victoria Square, Birmingham, Sunday 2nd October.


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