Strikes at Serco Wins Better Pay in Sandwell

Strikes at Serco in Sandwell have won an improved pay offer to all staff there.

The offer is as follows:-

Summary Pay offer
Serco will:
1. From 1st April to 30th Sep 2021 backdate pay for all employees by 1.75%.
2. From 1st October 2021 increase pay for all employees by a further 2.25%.
3. As a total of the above (1 and 2 combined), the pay increase for all employees is
equivalent to 4%.
4. HGV drivers will receive a further uplift of £1,192 p.a. to their basic pay taking effect
1st October 2021. This reflects Serco’s desire to retain high quality drivers in
Sandwell. This will be incorporated into basic pay.

Industrial action secured this better pay offer and should be a lesson for us all. Congratulations to GMB members at Serco.

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