Stars in Our Schools Winners

Stars in Our Schools is when UNISON, the public service union, recognises the hard work, dedication and valued contribution all support staff make to our schools in Sandwell.

This year Sandwell UNISON selected an overall individual winner and a team winner.

Pictured is Pam Mall from Burnt Tree Primary School being given her award by the Mayor, Richard Jones on 25 November. Pam was nominated because, “Pam is a unique member of our team. No job is too big or too small for her to tackle and everything is completed with such professionalism and kindness. There is not a member of staff that would not feel safe to approach Pam for support and advice, she is an extremely valued member of the team. In terms of working with children, again no challenge is too big or too small. Pam’s behaviour management skills are fantastic and children not only respond well to her approach, they also love to work alongside her and be in her presence. With Pam supporting in your room, there is always an air of calm and joy, everything is done with a smile and it is impossible to pass her in the corridor without being met by her smile and kind words.”

Pictured below is all the support staff from Burnt Tree Primary.

The Stars in our Schools Team award goes to Moat Farm Infants Catering Team who have transformed the quality of food and the lunchtime experience after the service was brought back in-house from a private contractor. The Catering Team consist of Stephanie Heaven, Gurvinder Kaur, Lyndsey Poolton and Karen Holpin. Congratulations on a first year of success. Included in this team award is Oxana Morgaon, the Business School Manager, who had the vision for catering in the school, worked incredibly hard to bring catering in-house and drove the project to make it a success.

Pictures from Moat Farm Infants to follow.

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