Social Distancing and PPE

Please see the latest National Joint Council guidance on social distancing and PPE.

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Below is a national Press Release – UNISON is challenging the Government over PPE at the highest levels.

Government must up its game on PPE to protect health and care workers’ lives, demands UNISON

NHS, care and other frontline staff whose lives are on the line need immediate government action to fix inadequate personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies, UNISON is demanding today ( Easter Sunday). Government apologies and assurances the UK has all the PPE it needs are of no comfort to staff whose workplaces are running low, says UNISON.

Over the weekend workers from hospitals, care homes and local council-run services have expressed fear and anger to UNISON’s PPE alert hotline about the absence of gowns, masks and visors where they work.

UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said:

“No-one doubts the pressures the government is under. But the time for excuses has passed. Ministers have been saying for weeks that the PPE situation is in hand. That there’s enough to go around and it’s just a matter of logistics. But it isn’t good enough. NHS, care and other key workers are falling ill in huge numbers. Some have already died – including nurses, doctors, care workers, healthcare assistants and porters. Staff fear for their own health, that of their families and those they care for and look after.

Worrying that they don’t have what they need to keep them safe is adding to an already stressful and difficult situation. Staff cannot keep going into work scared out of their wits. The government must go the extra mile this bank holiday weekend and sort the PPE problems that are the source of such anxiety.

Getting the necessary PPE to every workplace in the country that needs it – and ensuring the supplies keep coming so staff aren’t filled with dread as they watch stocks run low – must be the number one priority.”

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