Cuts Don’t Work, They Just Make Us Hurt

David Cameron has had the two faced cheek to write to his local council in Oxford complaining that they are cutting front line services! On the BBC’s ‘Have I Got News for You’ Tory MP Rees-Mogg argued for Councils to cut the ‘fat’ and not front line services! These comments just show that the Tories don’t appreciate the scale of cuts they have imposed upon local government since 2010. In his Autumn Statement Osborne has announced 30% more cuts to Council budgets!

Council Workers have already suffered a 20% drop in the real value of our pay. We have had our pensions attacked, car allowances removed and seen 1,000’s of colleagues lose their jobs in Sandwell alone. There is no fat to cut.

30% more cuts will mean services stop and the stress from ever increasing workloads will not relent on those of us who remain.

Meanwhile the national debt has increased under the Tories to 80% of the UK’s annual earnings. Osborne and the Tories continue to fail to tax their chums in the City. They continue to fail to stop multinational companies from paying the taxes they should. They are failing local councils and residents.

We not only need a national union campaign for ourselves but for the very services we provide to the public.

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