Coronavirus COVID-19 Negotiations in Sandwell

UNISON activists have been challenging employers and management to have the necessary plans in place to keep both staff and the public safe during this time of crisis.

At the time of writing we have secured agreement from Sandwell MBC, Sandwell Leisure Trust, Sandwell Children’s Trust, SIPS and for the TUPE’d Serco employees, confirming that anyone having to self-isolate will not be counted as off sick. Furthermore, we have agreement from these employers that should anyone be diagnosed with Coronavirus COVID-19 then this will NOT be included in any sickness stages/triggers/targets.

These are exceptional circumstances and it is possible that staff may be asked to work from different locations and undertake different duties. We are seeking consultation and volunteers first in these circumstances.

We have also requested that enquires take place to obtain the relevant information about the publics health status before any home visits or appointments are made. This is to ensure that staff can take the appropriate action / precautions. We have also been requesting more protective equipment (PPE) and we have been informed that a delivery of more equipment is expected this week.

It is important we all follow Public Health / Government guidance as it changes to keep ourselves and the public safe.

Homeworking is also being encouraged wherever possible. If you have any queries please check out the telephone numbers on this website or email – as we too are following this advice.



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