2020 NJC Pay Offer in £’s

Whilst the employers have made a ‘final’ offer of 2.75% on all pay points, plus one extra days leave for those on minimum entitlement only – UNISON does not view negotiations to have been fully exhausted.

The NJC pay offer covers council workers, support staff at most schools, and TUPE’d staff to Sandwell Children’s Trust, Serco and Sandwell Leisure Trust. The offer is from 1 April 2020.

To see what the offer means to you, please see the attached spreadsheet, which lists all NJC pay points shaded by Sandwell MBC’s grades. Please note the figures are based on full time working at 37 hours per week. If you work less hours you would need to adjust pro-rata accordingly.

When the talks are fully exhausted, there will be consultation on the offer. If you are not receiving emails from the branch then please send your email address to sandwellunison@btconnect.com.

2020 NJC pay offer 2.75% – Sandwell MBC grades


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