2019 Pay Deal Agreed with Sandwell Council

April 2019 will see the implementation of the new nationally agreed pay award for Sandwell Council employees (including schools maintained by Sandwell MBC).

UNISON has been negotiating with Sandwell Council over how the new proposals can be implemented at local level to ensure fairness and equality. During the negotiations UNISON raised concern about the number of pay points in the new grades D and E, but have been reassured by Sandwell that the new pay spine’s and increments are equality proof.

Any incremental rises due 1 April 2019 will occur on the current pay and then be converted to the new structure. Please note all will have a new pay point number e.g. if you are currently on scp 31 this becomes scp 25.

UNISON will be arranging meetings during 2019 with other employers such as Sandwell Leisure Trust, Sandwell Children’s Trust and Academies, requesting they adopt the same model as Sandwell Council.
See the attached new pay spine.


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